• What is a Redbird FMX?
    It’s a full-motion flight simulator approved by the FAA as an advanced aviation training device, AATD.
  • What does full motion add to the training experience?
    Traditional simulators provide sight and sound as cues to the pilot. Full motion adds the all important third dimension of feeling. The pilot can feel pitch, roll, yaw and acceleration. Until now full motion was available almost exclusively in simulators used by the airlines or the military. The Redbird FMX brings the benefits of full motion to the broader general aviation community. 
  • What kinds of airplanes can I fly at Fly The Box, LLC?

    • Cessna 172 with G-1000 avionics
    • Cessna 172 with “steam gauge” avionics

    Controls, instruments and switch placement are virtually identical to the actual airplanes.

  • What kinds of missions can be flown?
    • VFR –introduce new maneuvers, traffic pattern work, stalls, steep turns, ground reference manauvers and cross countries.  
    • IFR – published approaches and holds,  intercept navaids in customizable weather scenarios
    • Emergencies – practice system failures, dead stick landings and weather related emergencies.  Emergencies that you would never attempt in an actual airplaine.
    • Other – Pre-fly a cross country or practice airport operations at an airport you plan to fly to in the future.
  • Is simulator time loggable?
  • 2.5 hours for Private 
  • 20 hours for Instrument
  • 50 hours for Commercial ratings
  • 25 hours for ATP
  • IFR Currency
  • Can the simulator be used to maintain currency?
    Absolutely! There are a multiple methods for maintaining instrument currency with the simulator.  Contact us for more information.
  • How do I schedule time?
    Fly The Box is available using 3 different methods. 1. Approved (trained) flight schools and flight instructors can provide access. 2. A guided flight experience with a Fly The Box staff member or agent and 3. Join the Fly The box "club".  Club membership gives you access to the simulator 24/7, discounted rental rates, access to the members area online schedule and access to member only monthly accident re-enactment class where you get to fly pre-planned scenarios in the sim.  For more details or to learn how to sign-up give us a call or email.   616-690-0115 flythebox@gmail.com

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